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Trillium Amplifier Company makes the finest boutique guitar amplifiers available today. Every detail and feature has been given meticulous consideration, from the joinery of the cabinetry to the assembly of the electrical components. Trillium amplifiers have been designed and constructed to ensure exceptional sound and a lifetime of faithful service.

Our designs are born out of the desire to make the most tonally rich and visually appealing amplifiers possible. Using only select hardwoods and veneers, the cabinets that house our amplifier chassis are hand made to order and are as much a piece of art as a fine guitar. Unlike most amplifiers that are relegated to basement or back room, our amplifiers are worthy of display and are destined to become a familiar part of your surroundings.

The uncompromising artistic beauty of the cabinetry and the truly brilliant sound of the amplifier are intended to satisfy even the most discriminating musician.

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